Evil Author Day

Evil Author Day has evolved over the years from posting just titles from works in progress to posting actual snippets or scenes. The evil part comes from the fact that there are no guarantees that these works in progress will actually ever be finished. I might never finish the story, or if the story is ever finished it will still contain that scene.

All of these snippets and scenes are read at your own risk. Bugging me about them, if I am still working on it, or when the story will be finished is counterproductive, as it will likely lead to me not feeling very motivated to work on that story. If I finished a story that I posted something for EAD from, I will remove the snippet and put a link up to the finished story.

Warnings and information at the top of each seperate post. And again, this is read at your own risk!

EAD 2022

Coming Home 2 (The Hobbit)

Coming Home 3 (The Hobbit)

Unconditional (Harry Potter)

Kindness and Compassion 2 (The Witcher)

EAD 2021

Kindness and Compassion (The Witcher)

Coming Home (The Hobbit)

A Thief’s Greatest Price 1 (Leverage/Harry Potter)

A Thief’s Greatest Price 2 (Leverage/Harry Potter)